LGBQIA Therapy

Too often, LGBQIA individuals are told who or what they are, and I believe therapy should be an entirely different space. I believe there are infinite ways to experience gender and sexuality, and whether you identify pansexual or asexual or queer or have long given up on labels there is a place for you.

I believe there are a number of issues that are specific to being LGBQIA that  are not served by a therapist who feels that working with you is the same as working with someone who is not LGBQIA. We still live in a world that can be very difficult for someone who is not cisgender and straight, and for that reason we can carry around those messages of "not being good enough" or "broken." It can take quite a bit of work to excavate those messages and live authentically. 

I feel passionately about working with you in a way that allows you to allows you to live your life as your authentic self.