Couples Therapy

Sometimes couples therapy is seen as last ditch effort to make or break a relationship, but instead it can be a space to learn new styles of communicating, as well as a place to create new patterns of relating to one another during conflict. As a therapist, it is not my job to side with one party and gang up on another. Instead I work with all parties in order to slow down the conversation, help it become less reactive, and create new ways of relating so that everyone can feel heard and understood.

Non-Monogamy ~ Polyamorous Couples/Family Therapy

Perhaps in this sense the term "couples therapy" is a misnomer. I do not believe that a relationship needs to be monogamous in order to work, and if you practice non-monogamy or polyamory then I am happy to work with you and learn more about your ideal relationship structure. Couples therapy need not only be two people.

While the title may be a misnomer, much of the work can still focus on improving communication and learning new ways of relating during conflict.